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Contact: Gregg Fleury
Vice President, Operations
Round Table Pizza, Inc.

Modesto Invited for Pizza, Pub, and Play at the New McHenry Clubhouse by Round Table Pizza

Modesto, CA - Round Table Pizza decided to have a little fun. Okay, pizza is already pretty fun, few would argue with that. But, admittedly, we were feeling greedy. So, we ordered up our favorite specialty pizzas and came together for a brainstorm: how to bring more fun 'round the table. Oh, uh, bad pun. Well, that's sometimes how the best ideas start.

The suggestions were as varied as the toppings on a Round Table pizza. Did somebody say giant, exotic fish tank with live anchovies? Just smile and nod. A brainstorm is no time to harsh somebody's creative buzz. In the meantime, have another slice and keep thinking.

More Flavor
Customers fishing for their own "fresh" anchovies may be off the table (for many reasons), but let's talk menu. The pizza – well, we think we have already figured out that equation. So, we're sticking with freshly rolled dough, premium toppings and our three-cheese blend. Nothing changes. But what else do we love to eat? From the snackers in the room: jalapeno poppers, potato wedges, freshly baked Twists with bacon and cheddar, and boneless wings with lots of sauce options. From the farmers' market groupies: fresh salads and smoothies, mango please. And how about a sweet finish? Warm fudge brownies, tangy lemon bars, cheesecake, and tiramisu. Wow, this is a hungry group. Quick, everyone, eat more pizza.

Pub & Ambiance
A new array of flavorful appetizers demands an equally impressive variety of drinks with which to wash them down, obviously. But enjoying the new ciders and microbrews isn't only about great taste, it's also about ambiance. Let's construct the bar from granite, expand it, stock it with the best local offerings, and hire Seth and Briana to mix the drinks and lend a friendly ear. And just so that we're sure the mood is right, let's remodel the entire restaurant with a tin ceiling, more granite counters (you can't have too much granite), modern furnishings, and warm lighting.

Flat-screens & Parties
Nothing says fun like a restaurant full of flat panel HD TVs. That much we can all agree on. Who doesn't love watching their favorite team while eating their favorite pizza? But, wait, how many? Ms. Munching-on-All-Meat-Marvel says four. But Mouth-Full-of-Gourmet-Veggie says five. How to settle this? Let's put nine in the restaurant. Genius. And what else is fun? Free is fun. So, despite the exponential increase in awesomeness, party room reservations remain as free as ever. And while we're on the subject of free, Mr. Can't-Sit-in-a-Meeting-Without-His-iPad votes for free WiFi too. Done.

We've covered the adults. But Round Table has always been and will always be a family place to gather. We'd never forget the kids. What do kids like to do? Play, of course! So, let's expand our arcade and offer prizes for a range of ages. Looking for some stickers to decorate your notebook? We've got you covered. Need to impress a girl by winning a giant, over-sized, stuffed kitty? You've come to the right place. Kids whose athletic proclivities tend more towards the actual and less towards the virtual can still have their names in lights. Teams having their parties at the Clubhouse can upload photos to the digital community board and celebrate their season with the entire restaurant -- where everybody knows your name and your team mascot. (So, technically that's ten flat-screens. Oh, plus the two new digital menu boards that don't just tell you about the food, they show it to you too. Twelve.)

Naturally, it would take many more gatherings to bring Clubhouse to life in Modesto. But each meeting of the minds was focused on one goal: make this Clubhouse an oasis that offers great food and a relaxing and fun environment for adults and kids alike. How did we do? Modesto, we're depending on you to stop in at 3848 McHenry Ave in the Walmart Shopping Center and let us know. You can also call 209-526-9904 or go to to order. We encourage you to send your feedback by visiting our website.

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